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Top 5 photo editing apps for the iPad - Review by Johnny Raw

Enjoy the video and don't forget to like us on facebook: and check out my website: Photo FX Ultra

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn for 2017

Obviously I have a strong bias for the languages that I already know, but my list of top languages to learn in 2017 is this: 1. Javascript (NodeJS and ReactJS) 2. SQL (A database query language)...

Johnny Tractor's Apple Adventure : Game Review

Race through the orchard as you collect 4 golden apples and get your tractor to the opposite side of the the board first.

App review: Bungie (by Johnny Doom)

Johnny Doom (Quintin A.)'s App review on the Bungie mobile app.

Knock - App Review by Johnny Raw

Knock let's you unlock your Mac by simply knocking on your iPhone. Enjoy the video and don't forget to like us on facebook:

Johnny's review of the iPad

Johnny reviews the iPad.

MKX Mobile 1.7 Characters: SHINNOK, JOHNNY AND REPTILE! Quick review!

Shinnok made it to Mortal Kombat X mobile update 1.7 together with another Gold Johnny Cage (Undead Hunter) and Reptile (Kraken). Check out those guys in a battle, take a look at their passives...

Do NOT Vape from a iPhone

I got a Vape iPhone 6s case & don't buy it. I wanna see more crazy stuff for the new iPhone 7 Plus coming in 2016! Shoutout to Vape Lord Nord for holding it down! Watch - Get This App Before...

РАЗЛОМ iPad Pro 12 9 !

Там всё интересное - В этом трешняцком видосике мы опять заценим тесты техники Apple .. iPhone ,MacBook - это...

The New iPhone is Just Worse

We've done something that at first seems counterintuitive--and then is: we've made it worse. See more LIKE us on: FOLLOW us...

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